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Extending cographs with product operation

A path has cliquewidth $3$, but the tensor product of two paths of length $n$ will contain a $\Omega(n) \times \Omega(n)$ size grid as an induced subgraph. And $n \times n$ grids are known to have ...
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Is there a standard axiomatization of graph width parameters?

This isn't quite what you were asking for, but one of the first papers on treewidth found this parameter by axiomatizing a lattice of parameters for graphs, among which treewidth is the top element. ...
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Treewidth of monotone graph classes with bounded cliquewidth

Yes, the statement is true. Take a monotone class with bounded cliquewidth. We show that the size of bicliques is bounded. If it were not bounded, we could remove some edges and vertices (by ...
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