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3 votes

Testing if a distribution over $\mathbb{F}_2^n$ is heavily supported on a subspace

Unfortunately, constructing such a tester appears to be hard: at least as hard as the learning parity with noise (LPN) problem. Without loss of generality, we can focus on the problem of determining ...
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2 votes

Application of PCP and error correcting codes to LLMs?

I'm not aware of any such research. I'm familiar with two standard datasets for evaluating the effectiveness of LLMs at solving math problems: GSM8K (Cobbe et al, arXiv:2110.14168) and MATH (...
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Detecting Erroneous Corrections

You can do a tradeoff between how many errors you correct $n$ and how many errors you detect $m \geq n$, as long as $n + m < d$. Just check if the distance to the closest word is at most $n$, ...
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