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Smallest possible universal combinator

The smallest basis is the single point combinator A = λx λy λz. x z (y (λ_.z)) of size 4 abstractions + 3 applications, and of minimal size 26 bits in the binary lambda calculus. Minimal ...
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Algorithm for extensional equality in combinator calculus

If either of two combinator terms has a strong normal form, and are η-equivalent when treated as λ-terms, then they will both have a strong normal form, it will be the same one, and it may be found by ...
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Concatenative binary lambda calculus/combinatory logic

Yes, there exists a version of BLC working similarly to Zot. Consider the zot implementation at [1], which mimics the original definition at [2]. It defines 3 lambda expressions: zot = \c.c I 0 = \c.c(...
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