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Is this a good definition of computability?

First of all, the place for this question is, not here. But since I've already written an answer, I'll leave it. There is a formal definition of computability: a function $f$ is computable if ...
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State machine classes with sub-exponentially growing model spaces

I believe that there are no reasonable model where the number of machines grow subexponentially, in the sense that either such a model would be remarkably not expressive, or would require huge ...
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What are advantages of bigraphs?

There is not one right model of computation that works at all levels of abstraction. You already see this when you compare $\pi$-calculus with Petri-nets: $\pi$ is based on binary interation, while ...
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Reference request: pi-calculus with simultaneous events

Milner defines the SCCS calculus in [1]. This is a generalization of CCS where the actions form an abelian group, and where the communication rule is defined as in my question. [1] Milner, R. Calculi ...
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Temporal Logic and Access Control Models

There were a lot of publication on extending and or formalizing RBAC/SOD with LTL or other flavors of temporal logics, not sure of other AC models. Google Scholar (or simple google) search with yield ...
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