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3 votes

Modify DCFG to enforce length limit

A partial answer: The number of productions needed by a (not necessarily deterministic) context-free grammar generating $L\cap \Sigma^{\le N}$ in the worst case is $\Theta(N^2)$, as given in Theorem 4 ...
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3 votes

Generating grammar from a string

You might be interested in Sequitur (given a single string, it compresses it by finding a grammar that generates just that one string) or in grammar induction (given a set of strings, it finds a ...
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What is the current state of the art in black-box grammar induction?

Note that there is now a replication study (coauthored by Rahul Gopinath) of the 2017 paper Synthesizing Program Input Grammars, see Two ...
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1 vote

What is the intution on the TTT algorithm for regular grammar inference?

If you get a counterexample back from the teacher the counterexample is very long. If the suffix analysis is used as described in the paper, the suffix can be very long, this suffix is added in the ...
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