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Extending cographs with product operation

A path has cliquewidth $3$, but the tensor product of two paths of length $n$ will contain a $\Omega(n) \times \Omega(n)$ size grid as an induced subgraph. And $n \times n$ grids are known to have ...
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What are the known classes of undirected graphs such that every graph belonging to that class is guaranteed to have a Hamiltonian Path?

A good resource to answer questions like this is graphclasses.org. You find the graph class you care about -- in this case, Hamiltonian graphs. Then check the maximal subclasses section, and ...
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Treewidth of monotone graph classes with bounded cliquewidth

Yes, the statement is true. Take a monotone class with bounded cliquewidth. We show that the size of bicliques is bounded. If it were not bounded, we could remove some edges and vertices (by ...
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Natural graph class with five excluded subgraphs?

Graphs where every connected component is a split graph are (C4, C5, P5, necktie, bowtie)-free (see A graph modification approach for finding core–periphery structures in protein interaction networks)....
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