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Number of 4 cycles

Yes, this is known. For $d = \Omega(n^{1/2})$ with a sufficiently large implicit constant, any $n$-node graph of average degree $d$ has $\Omega(d^4)$ total $C_4$s. This is best possible because it's ...
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Finding subgraphs with high treewidth and constant degree

See the paper by Julia Chuzhoy and myself on Treewidth sparsifiers. We show that one can obtain a subgraph of degree at most 3 with treewidth $\Omega(k/polylog(k))$ where $k$ is the treewidth of $G$. ...
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Is there an algorithm that finds the forbidden minors?

The answer by Mamadou Moustapha Kanté (who did his PhD under supervision of Bruno Courcelle) to a similar question cites A Note on the Computability of Graph Minor Obstruction Sets for Monadic Second ...
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Survey on Erdős-Pósa?

I don't know about a survey, but I've found a recent PhD thesis, which seems to be well written: Heinlein, Matthias (2019): Erdős-Pósa properties. Open Access Repositorium der Universität Ulm. ...
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Hadwiger number under matching contraction

There is no such function - here is an example where $h(G)$ is arbitrarily large while $h(G/M) \leq 4$. Make $G$ by taking two copies of an $n \times n$ grid and making every vertex of one grid ...
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Something-Treewidth Property

For question $1$: any bidimensional parameter has this property on general graphs. A parameter $s(G)$ is bidimensional if the value of $s(G) \geq s(H)$ for every minor $H$ of $G$, and if $s$ is ``...
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Minor and subdivision

$\mathcal{Z}(H)$ is the set of graphs obtained from $H$ by splitting vertices of degree $>3$ (the reverse operation to contracting an edge between two vertices, both of degree $\ge 3$, and where ...
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Embedding degree-3 planar graphs as topological minors in wall graphs in polynomial time

I don't know whether this has been explicitly stated anywhere, but it follows from known results. Every planar graph is a minor of a $O(n)\times O(n)$ grid and such an embedding can be found in linear ...
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Properties of toroidal graph

Regarding (3), yes, if a graph $M$ has two vertex disjoint non-planar induced subgraphs $G$ and $H$, then $G\cup H$ (and hence $M$) is not toroidal. I don't know a reference but here's a proof ...
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Finding subgraphs with high treewidth and constant degree

In the case of pathwidth, reposting here a comment made to me by email by Benjamin Rossman back in 2020 (see also the comments to the answer Every graph G ...
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