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You may find this video useful: Also, this video here (time 00:43) states some books that can help:


Since the title is about CS and not TCS, maybe an answer about applications of game theory to networking can be of some interest. Questions about game theory and equilibria arise naturally in networking, since the networks that make Internet are economic competitors and belong to different companies, but they need to collaborate in order to ensure ...


In Formal Verification game theory is a recurring theme. I think that one of the most important applications is to define the Simulation Preorder as a game between two players: Spoiler (he) and Duplicator (she). Given a Transition System (in other words, one set $S$ equipped with a labelled transition relation $S \rightarrow S$) Spoiler, starting from a ...


One surprising intersection is that of cryptography and game theory. In cryptography you often want to get rid of trusted parties. For example, imagine some parties wanting to perform a sealed-bid auction—where everybody gives the auctioneer a sealed envelop with a bid inside—but (a) no trusted auctioneer is in sight and (b) the bidders definitely do not ...

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