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Algorithm for finding a 3-cycle cover

The cycle cover problem (CC) is the problem of finding a spanning set of cycles in a given directed or undirected input graph. If all the cycles in the cover must consist of at least $k$ edges/arcs, ...
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7 votes

Implementation of Wilf-Zeilberger and related methods

It is implemented in Maxima (, to which Sage has interface. A few dozens of examples (ranging from very easy to very difficult) I ...
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6 votes

Most efficient inplace merge algorithms (stable and unstable)

TLDR The latest stable one with linear moves is from 2008 and with detailed description can be found here. According to their benchmarks, it is less than two times slower than standard merge that ...
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Are there any implementations of a graph crossing algorithm?

A slow brute-force implementation of the graph crossing number was added to Sage in Sage Trac ticket 24216: Add crossing number of a graph Github issue: Add crossing number of a graph #24216 which ...
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2 votes

Implementation of surreal numbers for games

Here is an implementation of Surreal Numbers in a relatively new language, Julia. Described at
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Operations on Sentential Decision Diagrams

I try to address your questions one after the other. I agree that the description of the algorithm is really succinct. To understand it better, I would encourage you to parallel this algorithm with ...
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1 vote

Word length using entropy : Maximum entropy criteria

Disclaimer: This is based on generic information theory knowledge only. Too long for a comment. Summary: The pointwise product of your two plots should go to some limit, as the relevant blocklengths ...
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Powerful Algorithms too complex to implement

Perfect hash construction ( would apply to any use-case with static or infrequently-changing keys (e.g. top level domain names on ...

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