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Why isn't TheoretiCS very popular yet?

Disclaimer: I'm managing editor for TheoretiCS. It is true that TheoretiCS is not as well known as it may be in some research areas within Theoretical Computer Science. But in many respects it is ...
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Why isn't TheoretiCS very popular yet?

One of the reasons is that TheoretiCS is relatively new, and hence it is not listed in national rankings and/or the CORE rankings. In Poland for instance (long story short), every researcher collects ...
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Journals with quick reviewing

TheoretiCS, which was launched in late 2021, is a TCS journal that fits your description. It aims to give a first verdict (either reject, either conditional accept subject to the results being correct ...
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Open access journals

TheoretiCS was launched in late 2021 as an open-access journal covering all areas of theoretical CS. It is a diamond open-access journal (submitting and reading papers is free), and the papers are ...
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