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Version 1.5 of Lisp (1955) supports homoiconicity. It's not a model of computation but it could still be interesting. Sidenote: I wrote an implementation of Lisp 1.5 that supports homoiconicity.


A something that might be too long for a comment, based on the previous answer by Emil. In the case you are interested in the complexity of such a logic, consider reading LICS'2015 paper by Joël Ouaknine, Antonia Lechner and Ben Worrell. A preprint is available here: According to the authors, the ...


($=$ is a logical symbol, hence I will not write it as part of the signature.) The satisfiability problem is decidable, as $\gcd$ has both a universal and an existential definition in terms of $|$, $+$, and $\le$: $$\begin{align*} \gcd(a,b)=c&\iff c\ge0\land c\mid a\land c\mid b\land\forall d\:(d\mid a\land d\mid b\to d\mid c)\\ &\iff c\ge0\land c\...

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