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Is Circuit Minimization $P$-hard under logspace reductions?

The Circuit Minimization Problem you describe is also known as MCSP (the Minimum Circuit Size Problem), which has been the subject of quite a few papers recently. (I'm posting an answer to this ...
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What circuit depth is enough to compute a log-space complete problem?

It seems that nobody has added to the discussion of this question since February. I'm quite sure that no better depth upper bound is known for L than $\log^2 n$, in the bounded fan-in circuit model, ...
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Can Lexicographic BFS be implemented in logspace?

It is not clear that the OP meant lexicographic BFS. The OP let (paraphrasing) $u_1$ be $v_1$, and the next elements $u_2$, $u_3$, etc., of the output, be the neighbors of $v_1$ according to the input ...
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Is it known if $\mathrm{CFL} \subseteq\mathrm{ NSPACE}(o(log^2(n)))$?

It is not known whether CFL is contained in space o(log^2(n)). If CFL were contained in space o(log^2(n)), then NL would also be contained in space o(log^2(n)). The question whether NL is contained in ...
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