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Design a sampling process to select an element with probability proportional to its appear probability in a simulation

This can be done efficiently if the size of the samples $S$ is not too large. Let $m$ denote the maximum possible size of $S$. Then the following procedure outputs exactly the correct distribution: ...
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Is there an algorithm for minimizing an NFA with respect to bisimilarity rather than language equivalence?

Yes, see for example here: Johanna Högberg, Andreas Maletti, Jonathan May, Backward and forward bisimulation minimization of tree automata, Theoretical Computer Science 410(37), 2009, pp. 3539-3552, ...
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Formal differences between emulation and simulation?

In plain language, emulation means the new system performs in exactly the same way as the emulated system. Simulation means the new system performs in roughly equivalent way as the simulated system. e....
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