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Counting the number of satisfying assignments in a POSITIVE CNF-SAT

This is still #P-complete [1]. This problem is usually referred to as montone (#)SAT. Monotone #2-SAT is already #P-complete (this is equivalent to counting vertex covers of a graph). [1] Roth, Dan. "...
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Counting the number of satisfying assignments in a POSITIVE CNF-SAT

This problem is Monotone-SAT. It is #P-Complete under Cook Reductions. It is one of those problems that are "easy to decide but hard to count." I recommend the following paper. Self-Reducibility of ...
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Sampling monotone Boolean functions

In [1], the paper where Propp & Wilson introduce the "coupling from the past" technique for MCMC sampling, they also outline a "heat bath algorithm" applicable to a certain kind of spin system ...
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3-SAT mixed with 2-SAT formulas

If $F_3$ and $F_2$ are both monotone, satisfiability can be checked in polynomial time (or even in coNLOGTIME), as $F_3\land F_2$, which is also monotone, is satisfiable iff it is satisfied by the $\...
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Is a monotone boolean function monotone as a multilinear polynomial?

Yes. Let $f : \{-1,1\}^n \to \mathbb{R}$, and let $F : [-1,1]^n \to \mathbb{R}$ be its multilinear extension. If $f$ is monotone, then so is $F$. proof: Fix a variable index $i$; we'll show that $\...
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Reductions and projections in circuit complexity

The definition in [Arora, Barak] is the usual definition in algebraic complexity (dating back to the work of Valiant). But in descriptive complexity theory (e.g. N. Immerman, Descriptive Complexity, ...
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Lower bound for constant degree monotone arithmetic circuits

The Nisan--Wigderson polynomials are one example. That is, let $$ \mathrm{NW}_{n,m,d}(\vec{x}) := \sum_{\substack{p(t) \in \mathbb{F}_m[t] \\ \deg(p) \le d}} x_{1,p(1)} \cdots x_{n,p(n)}. $$ Let $k$ ...
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Treewidth of monotone graph classes with bounded cliquewidth

Yes, the statement is true. Take a monotone class with bounded cliquewidth. We show that the size of bicliques is bounded. If it were not bounded, we could remove some edges and vertices (by ...
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