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What category are Tagless Final Algebras final In?

Final Algebra semantics was introduced by Mitch Wand in his paper "Final Algebra Semantics and Data Type Extensions", see this freely available tech report:
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What's the relation between OOP and category theory?

Bart Jacobs tackled this problem at one point. In his view, classes can be considered as coalgebras. Roughly, we have a polynomial endofunctor $F : \mathbf{Sets} \to \mathbf{Sets}$ which gives the ...
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Encapsulation of OOP and referential transparency of functional programming

It is true that encapsulation in OO is typically used to hide private mutable state. However, this is a property of traditional OOP, which was an evolution of procedural programming. It is not a ...
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Formal differences between emulation and simulation?

In plain language, emulation means the new system performs in exactly the same way as the emulated system. Simulation means the new system performs in roughly equivalent way as the simulated system. e....
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What category are Tagless Final Algebras final In?

I took a brief look at the first paper you cite, and I think Max New's answer does have some relevance to it. The purpose of this answer is to explain how I think the 'finally tagless' stuff gets a ...
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