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Do we care about confluence because of unique normal forms?

I don't know what you mean by "practical", but confluence is very useful from the semantic point of view. Hopefully other people will be able to give you other answers from other points of view (for ...
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Formalization of matching logic (logic behind K Framework)

There is a number of formalizations of matching logic in various proof assistants. I am a co-author of the first one in the following list; thus I have more insight into that one. I am not aware of ...
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Moggi's computational metalanguage

It is an interesting problem to figure out what bothers the OP. First of all, it is not at all the case that the equation put forward by the OP says "different computations have the same value". For ...
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Why structural rules define the "smallest relation" satisfying the rules?

"Smallest relation with property $\mathscr{P}$" just means "subset of every relation with property $\mathscr{P}$" - thinking of a relation as a set of ordered pairs. Basically, we ...
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Moggi's computational metalanguage

I still don't quite understand what having a value means, but just considering the question of "can we give up the eta rule for monads", the answer is yes, this is an entirely reasonable thing to ...
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Formalization of matching logic (logic behind K Framework)

I'm currently at the end of my PhD thesis about the interoperability of semantics. That's the reason I'm studying the translation from the semantical framework K into the logical framework Dedukti. ...
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What's the relation between applicative bisimulation and context equivalence in the $\lambda$-calculus?

It took me a while to realize, but, at least for the standard $\lambda$-calculus, those two should actually coincide. I'm not sure if there's any reference to this (I'd like to see it if there is!), ...
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