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Why backward symbolic execution is so unpopular?

Forward SE is easier to implement, composes better with other testing methods, and thus is more scalable. Usually, on industrial-scale workloads, it's not possible to enumerate all paths in the ...
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Practical approaches to solving whether programs will halt

Yes, an example of a system that performs this task is T2. It does not solve the halting problem but instead it only attempts to solve certain special cases. A overview is at
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Symbolic Execution is a case of Abstract Interpretation?

See Patrick Cousot. Méthodes itératives de construction et d'approximation de points fixes d'opérateurs monotones sur un treillis, analyse sémantique des programmes (Iterative methods for ...
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Computing the existence of a path in a code execution graph

As such, your problem seems to be NP-complete. To see the membership in NP, you can first guess a path, and then check that this path ends with $V_q$ and is valid. For the hardness part, we can ...
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