There are several possible notions of proof relevance. Let us consider three similar situations: An element of a sum $\Sigma (x : A) . P(x)$ is a pair $(a, p)$ where $a : A$ and $p$ is a proof of $P(a)$. An element of $\Sigma (x : A) . \|P(x)\|$, where $\|{-}\|$ is propositional truncation, is a pair $(a, q)$ where $a : A$ and $q$ is an equivalence class ...


I recommend that everyone first read Andrej Bauer's answer, as he covers all the basics extremely well. I agree with everything he says in his answer. I humbly offer more comments, even though I know less on this topic than he does - but I was mentioned by name, as was my project. When I gave a talk about agda-categories, I explained one thing about it that ...


Ali Asaf worked out a hierachy of universes with explicit coercions (lifting) in A calculus of constructions with explicit subtyping and established a relationship with cummulative universes.


As pointed out in a comment above, the answer is yes, in Lean. See the paper and the code as linked into comments. I was rather hoping Agda or Idris... but perhaps the Lean formalization is actually constructive.

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