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References for $\mathsf{PSPACE} \neq \mathsf{E}$ and $\mathsf{P} \neq \mathsf{NTIME}(n^k)$

Here are some papers that have results similar to the ones you ask about. Ronald V. Book, On Languages Accepted in Polynomial Time, SIAM J. Comput. 1, 1972, pp. 281-287. In this paper, we find Theorem ...
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Solving #SAT through TQBF

Let $\phi$ be a CNF formula. I'll show how to express a TQBF formula of polynomial size for your problem. In particular, let $\psi_i(t,j)$ be a formula that is true if there are at most $j$ values $x$...
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A split-consistency property of a formal language

We discussed your question with @M.Monet in the case of regular languages. It turns out that, unless we're mistaken, your condition is precisely equivalent to saying that the language is recognized by ...
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