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Is Bayes optimal RL of a finite set of DFAs feasible?

Even determining whether there is a policy which always succeeds is NP-complete, by a reduction from constructing optimal decision trees (Hyafil and Rivest, Constructing Optimal Binary Decision Trees ...
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Polynomial convergence to optimal move of the UCT algorithm. Missing proof?

According to section 1.2 of https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.05213, there is not a published proof of the polynomial convergence rate, and even some of the proofs contained in [2] are not complete. Thus, it ...
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Multi agent path following with collision avoidance with pre-determined path

In general, your problem is NP-hard, naturally (if you have arbitrarily many agents and an arbitrary arena, of course). Combining paths will naturally cause collisions (otherwise we wouldn't need ...
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On-policy/Off-policy Offline/Online Evaluation: Which would be an example of Online Off-Policy Evaluation?

Online/Offline learning Whether your algorithm learns online or offline is governed by when the agent's experience is able to contribute to its learning. For example, consider value iteration ...
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