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How do separations in of query complexities imply complexity class separations relative to oracles?

Let $\mathscr{F}$ be the collection of all functions $F:\{0,1\}^*\rightarrow\{0,1\}^*$, such that for every $n$, the restriction $F_n:=F|_{\{0,1\}^n}$ (restriction of $F$ on $\{0,1\}^n$) satisfies the ...
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Another planar separator ref question

Here is a proof using a well-known hammer. Let us assume wlog that $G$ is connected, hence it is a spanning tree plus $t+1$ edges. Clearly any cycle in $G$ must contain one of these $t+1$ edges ...
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Can we efficiently distinguish between P and BPP?

You defined that algorithm $D$ distinguishes $BPP$ from $P$ if there exists a language $L \in BPP$ such that for all $A \in PTM$, $$D(\langle A\rangle) \in L \leftrightarrow D(\langle A \rangle) \...
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