You are correct, there is an error in that paper, and the rule should indeed read: $$\frac{\Gamma\vdash M:\Delta}{\Gamma\vdash M\cong M} $$ the use of jugements of this style for equality (sometimes called "typed equality") originates already in Martin-Löf, I think (see here for example). It's often replaced with an untyped operational definition in modern ...


There is a paper by Beyersdorff and Chew on the proof complexity of calculi for non-monotonic logic. In the references of this paper you will find links to the papers where these calculi are defined.


Yes, backtracking in focused proof search may be necessary due to a wrong choice of focus formula. Consider the provable sequent $$\vdash p\otimes q, (p^\bot\mathrel{\wp} q^\bot)\otimes r, r^\bot.$$ Choosing to focus on $p\otimes q$ leads to a dead end, because however you "split" the context you end up with an atom ($p$ or $q$) without matching ...

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