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How stringent is the peer review process of ECCC exactly?

ECCC is supposed to reject any paper that is submitted without something that appears to be a proof for all of the main theorems. There is no expectation that a board member is going to check that ...
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Journals with quick reviewing

TheoretiCS, which was launched in late 2021, is a TCS journal that fits your description. It aims to give a first verdict (either reject, either conditional accept subject to the results being correct ...
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Open access journals

TheoretiCS was launched in late 2021 as an open-access journal covering all areas of theoretical CS. It is a diamond open-access journal (submitting and reading papers is free), and the papers are ...
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algebraic topology in distributed computing

Maurice Herlihy, Dmitry Kozlov and Sergio Rajsbaum, "Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology", 2014
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