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Raphael Ahrens
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I'm an open source enthusiast since the day my Windows machine had a total crash in 2008. The crash was caused by a driver problem of the motherboard. Back then I had some Linux experience from my education, so I switch completely to Ubuntu.

The more I worked with Ubuntu I started to tweak it to my liking and in the end I had my personal minimalistic setup with

  • a personal Desktop based on Openbox, SLiM and tint2.
  • ZSH as my interactive shell
  • and vim as my standard editor

With the release of Ubuntu 10.04 I switched my desktop to FreeBSD 8.1 and was surprised to see, that it was much easier to get my personal setup running on FreeBSD than on Ubuntu.

So since 2010 I'm a happy user of FreeBSD.

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