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39 votes

Major unsolved problems in theoretical computer science?

24 votes

Comparison-based data structure for finding items

16 votes

Can a nondeterministic finite automata (NDFA) be efficiently converted to a deterministic finite automata (DFA) in subexponential space/time?

14 votes

Can words in regular languages be generated by automata in a unique way?

12 votes

Reducing complexity with parallelism

7 votes

Everyday encounters with NP-complete problems

7 votes

Is the problem of finding the chromatic number of a modified interval graph NP-Complete

6 votes

Finding small sets of integers in which every element is a sum of two others

6 votes

Linear time in-place riffle shuffle algorithm

5 votes

Choosing subsets of a set such that the subsets satisfy a global constraint

4 votes

Graph families which have polynomial time algorithms for computing the chromatic number

2 votes

Are there any applications of techniques in real analysis to theoretical computer science?

1 vote

Approaching Number Theory conjectures through Graph Theory