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I’m a remote software developer with a strong emphasis in Domain design, good designs save money. I have lots of experience developing complex solutions in the e-Commerce, e-Learning, e-Health and Fintech sectors. Through the last years I’ve been working with US and European companies. Coding clean and well planned software is not an accident, it requires good abstractions. In software, design and simplicity matters.

I love coffee, laptops, books, hiking with my dogs, solving problems in the real world and learning new stuff, I try to learn a new language every four years. I’ve been programming for eighteen fun years, since the old days when Web pages were made with CGI-perl and ugly Java applets. Now I develop using RoR, Clojure and TypeScript with SQL and noSQL DBs. TDD and Continuous Integration are pretty important. Functional Programming and immutability are awesome. My daily desktop is i3 on Debian. I use NetBSD on my hobby servers because compiling from the sources is so much fun. I’m really updating and refactoring legacy code that has been neglected over the time. Zentaur is my current side project, a vClassroom Manager System built with GraphQL and ClojureScript.

As any real man, I use Emacs as my default editor ;-)

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