I'm a software engineer with over 5 years of experience. For close to 3 years at IBM, I have worked primarily with technologies like React, Redux, and GraphQL. I also have 5 years of Angular experience from my previous job and from creating an app called Famulus in my free time.

Famulus is an online appointment scheduler that sends custom, automated appointment reminders. It is built with Angular, RxJS, NgRx, and Firebase. I have also implemented automated tests with an E2E testing framework called Cypress. Building Famulus has been an incredible learning experience that has allowed me to develop skills that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work on otherwise. It has allowed me to think about the business aspect from all angles and forced me to think even more deeply about UX decisions and how they affect the user. It has reinforced the importance of writing clean, maintainable code and how much time it can save in the long run. It has also allowed me to dig deeper into performance and SEO enhancements. Ultimately, it has made me a better and more well-rounded developer.

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