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I'm a hobby game developer, currently working on an experimental C# game framework called Flare, which aims to automate the tasks that I and others commonly do for every project, such as opening a window or getting input in a platform-independent way. Flare provides OpenGL 3+ core bindings, but not compatibility bindings so supports OpenGL 3.0 and upwards, with the default context being 3.2 core. It also provides an optional XNA-like sprite rendering system as well as a 2D text rendering system.

I have experience with programming languages including C#, C/C++, Ruby, Java, and Python, and a passing acquaintance with several others. I also have experience with technologies including XNA/MonoGame, Unity, Ruby on Rails, FRC/FTC robotics libraries (WPILib and the FTC SDK), as well as the afore-mentioned OpenGL and some mobile development.

I currently attend high school in the United States.


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