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Connectivity Problem
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8 votes

Maximize Edge Disjoint Paths (EDP) The problem is NP Hard and here are some results: 1) It accepts $O(\sqrt{m})$ approximation by Kleinberg in 96 in general graphs. 2) The above is tight for ...

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All pair shortest path problem for large number of nodes
6 votes

Search papers on : "Shortest Path Queries Using Highway Hierarchies". There is a paper by Sanders and Schultes. If you follow their citations, there are lot of other papers. These methods are very ...

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Amortized Analysis
3 votes

I am again restating what has been said. The amortized analysis formally introduced by Robert Tarjan involves considering the whole sequence of operation throughout the algorithm. The analysis is ...

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Han's $O(n \log\log n)$ time, linear space, integer sorting algorithm
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im not sure about the answer (haven't gone through paper) but i think this should help. The numbers are packed into a single word, so operations on a single word take O(1) time. If there are, say, k ...

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