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Celal Ergün

I've been coding since 1990. I started programming in technical high school where I learned electronics. I used to program every kind of CPU, MCU (8051, PIC, MSP430, BlackFin etc), GPU, hobby boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, STM32 etc. I have decoded and reprogrammed printer code pages in binary (by reversing the EEPROM and reprogramming it) to use Turkish letters before the manufacturer added to their supported language list. I am a good assembly programmer and used to be a paid reverser and cracker to cover my expenses in university where I studied computer programming. Programming in COBOL at that time was not attractive as Pascal and C, so I left the university in 1996. I am studying Labor Economics and Industrial Relations now. I am mostly a self-taught coder and I love coding by the heart.

Linux is my favorite OS for daily tasks and due to the market demand I usually code under Windows. I am using Visual Studio since VC++ 6 (the gold version of VC++ editors). I usually install CodeMaid before everything else. I worked with both desktop and embedded Linux systems and adopted OpenEmbedded for my hardware projects. NVidia CUDA is my favorite multi-core architecture when it comes to parallel programming and I used Kepler and Fermi based cards for real-time TV image registering. One of the main applications I used this powerful system in was an advertisement and broadcaster logo recognition system.

I used to work as an R&D manager for 20 years and have invented algorithms and apparatuses for sound and video recognition. I have one patent pending application to measure music exposure of people in a selected place such as a restaurant, a bar or even a coiffure. The project is using a BlackFin BF531 DSP which required to write in VisualDSP++, one of the most horrendous tools I have ever seen.

I have one published paper on increasing the efficiency of a music information retrieval system using low level programming techniques. I have designed and implemented a TV rating measurement system using sound recognition algorithms. For this tasks I used embedded Linux and Qt/C++ on ARM CPU boards at the remote side to collect samples. I have a vast experience with Internet protocols such as TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP etc.

I also have used C# in a lot of projects especially in recent times. I like the idea behind LINQ and the .NET overall. I like using C# LINQ or Lambda queries because they remind me of std::algorithms in C++11/14.

Delphi is another tool I really fell in love with. I used to code GUIs and database applications in Delphi since 1996, which the year the product was merely compiling 16 bit binaries. Since the designer of both languages is the same genius, I would have no problem using either C# or Delphi.

Other than programming I have lots of hobbies. I experiment with solar panels, lead-alum batteries, hobby electronics, Stirling engines, wood products etc.

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