I am a Lead Software Developer and Experienced SCRUM Master, who has lead multidisciplinary technical teams in the past few years, and have returned to my technical roots.

I'm an advocate for Agile Development and how this can be used to deliver closely to the needs of the customer or stakeholder.

To complement this, I have a Keep It Simple Stupid approach to development, something a wise developer once taught me a long time ago!

I try to keep a finger on the pulse of new developments, where possible. However, my first aim is to always deliver high quality working software, that a customer wants, using the right tools for the job.

My long term goal is to become a Technical Architect and software consultant, using agile practices.

Specialities: Supply-Chain Modelling ,Energy and Gas Sector (e-commerce and credit & risk), Gas & Power Deal Trading systems, custom API development, Delivery/Warehousing Systems, public sector. Experienced in C#.Net. to 4.0, with Multi-Tier, Database, SOA and ETL Development experience. Have worked in Team Lead roles and I'm a Certified Scrum Master.