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Applications of topology to computer science
13 votes

Theories to understand concurrency and modeling concurrent computations are best understood topologically. Apart from the famous work by Herlihy and Shavit on the topological structure of async ...

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Distributed Elections using Logical Clocks (hints and tips)
8 votes

Some answers on the theory that might be useful for you in implementing the problem. A logical clock in general refers to some means of capturing a "happens-before" relation among events in a ...

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Why have we not been able to develop a unified complexity theory of distributed computing?
5 votes

One romantic idea to capture various models of distributed computing has been through algebraic topology. The core idea is to construct simplicial complexes by letting points be process states, each ...

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Papers on fault handling in distributed systems
3 votes

What kind of faults in the system?Are you looking for solutions to handling Byzantine faults or just the classic fail-stop model? Solutions in the presence of Byzantine nodes in a distributed system ...

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How is rebalancing of DHTs handled in case of failure or addition of new node?
2 votes

The Chord paper provides the theoretical underpinnings of the ring overlay strategy. In particular, the nature of the overlay network that connects the nodes determines the amount of state and query ...

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