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42 votes

Major unsolved problems in theoretical computer science?

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Does $VP \neq VNP$ imply $P \neq NP$?

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Using lambda calculus to derive time complexity?

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Well known classes of boolean formulas that require exponentially long resolution proofs

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Which interesting theorems in TCS rely on the Axiom of Choice? (Or alternatively, the Axiom of Determinacy?)

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Formal representation of rings in computations

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Start learning proof complexity

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$\mathsf{NC^1}$ circuit evaluation

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Conditions for tractability of 3SAT-Satisfiability

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Statements that imply $\mathbf{P}\neq \mathbf{NP}$

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Evaluating symmetric polynomials

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Forcing method used in Baker-Gill-Solovay Relativization paper and Cohen's Proof of Continuum Hypothesis Independence

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Lower bounds for noncommutative arithmetic circuits with exact division?

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Graph theoretic restriction to Proofs in Proof Complexity Theory

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Resolution vs Nondeterministic Search Problems