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Gröbner bases in TCS?
15 votes

There is an interesting Springer volume on applications of Gröbner bases in coding and cryptography: Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography, / Sala, M.; Mora, T.; Perret, L.; Sakata, S.; Traverso, C....

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Which models of computation can be expressed through grammars?
6 votes

Furthermore, could we build Turing-complete programs by specifying grammars…? I'm not sure if I correctly understood your question, but if you're looking for a programming language based on a kind of ...

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Featherweight Generic Java formalization in Coq
3 votes

I guess somewhat more realistic task would be to find Coq's formalisation of FJ itself (probably with some extensions, but not necessarily FGJ). The one which I googled easily is: Encoding ...

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