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Is there good open source project that apply semantic web, modal logics, and similar technologies
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Not open source, but the AI engines of some successful computer games are based on modal logic, see e.g. "Using Exclusion Logic to Model Social Practices" and "Introducing Exclusion Logic as a Deontic ...

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Comparing co-primes
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This is a really interesting question. I cannot see a way to use the prime factorisations of integers to speed up comparison w.r.t. <, =, >. Here is my intuition about why it should be difficult ...

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Proof of correctness of in-place Quick sort
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Tobias Nipkow has formalised a proof in Isabelle/HOL, have a look here (I didn't check that this is the right proof, don't have time right now and I'm not super familiar with Isabelle/HOL, please ...

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